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Longing to Create

Your Biggest Possible Life?

6 Steps To Deepening Your Awareness

  • Guides you step by step so you can see where you’ve come from and where you want to go
  • Teaches you techniques to releases the past and opens you to new discoveries
  • Provides a safe environment where you can explore, expand and evolve.
  • Ensures you’ll be supported along your path so you don’t have to go it alone.
  • And much more!!!



I am so enjoying the Avid awareness exercises, and am learning tons.  Becoming more and more aware everyday.

M.M. - program participant


Use Coupon Code HOTHAPPY to get the Starter Pack absolutely FREE or to get $99 of the cost of the complete pack!




What Makes This Program Unique?


We're with you from the moment you start this program. Watch what happens when you post an answer to an exercise.  We're right there to offer our insights and deepen your discover.

That's right - an on-line course where the creators of the program are with you the whole time.

This isn't one of those programs that gets set up and then you're left to learn on your own.  That's like going to school and having the lesson written on the board with no teacher in the room.

We’ve created a collaborative learning environment where you participate with others in an informal learning setting. This highly social learning environment is characterized by participation and interaction between participants and with us.

The program is available on-demand (you take it at your own pace when you have time) and it fits into any schedule.

Join us for this life-impacting program and receive a deep, rich, engaging experience with individual attention from us.


Taking The Program


You can purchase the program three different ways:

  • Avid Awareness Starter Pack gives you access to the first 3 modules of the program – includes all the benefits described above. Try it out, try us out! Purchase the remaining modules later.  Regularly priced at $99, the Avid Awareness Starter Pack is yours completely free.
  • Avid Awareness Complete includes all six modules and is offered at a lower price than buying the course in chunks. Purchasing Avid AwarenessComplete right from the start of your journey is a significant statement of commitment to yourself and we encourage and reward that commitment!  Regularly priced at $169, you can save $99 and enroll in Avid Awareness Complete for only $70.
  • Buy the Starter Pack now and upgrade to Complete at a later time. Just so you know, the upgrade price is $89.


Thank you both for the provision of this opportunity to explore the self and grow in freedom! 

K.F. Program Participant


   Use Coupon Code HOTHAPPY to get the Starter Pack absolutely FREE or to get $99 of the cost of the complete pack!


What Will I Learn?

In this program you will have the opportunity to dive into the depths of the following areas:

Module One – What You Heard, Thought and Believed

You heard messages, direct and indirect, since the day you were born. How did you hear them? What did you interpret them to mean about you? And what core beliefs are you carrying around with you? How are they holding you back?

Participant Insights:

"One thing I’ve noticed is that many of the messages are negative, but I have a few positive ones that have made a strong impression on me as well"

"In my family a lot of messages were sort of silent and expressed randomly and it created general feeling of confusion."

"Thanks! I had forgotten those words."

"Strange isn’t it to have a good pension and feel I cannot retire?"

"This one doesn’t resonate as truth anymore, such a delight."


Module Two – Adaptive Strategies and the Characters They Begot

What did you do with what you heard, thought, believed and needed? How did you adapt? And how do you continue to adapt? What characters are there inside of you that run your life for you? Do you want them to stick around? Or is it time they got a new job?

Participant Insights:

"I appreciate being given tools to view my cast of characters with grace and a sense of humour!"

"My adaptive strategy that has taken me on some wonderful journeys and at the same time has contributed to a lot of loneliness and difficulty"

"When I notice the adaptive strategy and make an alternative choice, it is empowering."

"When I feel the reaction in my body I will choose to acknowledge it and question what [that character] is telling me and whether or not it is true!"

"I am struck that often [characters] serve to provide short term gain at the expense of long term pain."


Module Three – The Bermuda Triangle of Relationships

Exploring the victim, villain, hero in us all. When conflict, disagreement or any kind of discomfort start to arise in a relationship, where do we go to in this triangle? And then how do we move around it? And how do we get ourselves out? Do we really get ourselves out? There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in discomfort. What can you learn about yourself here?

Participant Insights:

"My character that plays the victim the most often is the Time Keeper…'I can’t do this, there is just not enough time'."

"When I do the victim role I feel irritated and frustrated, even angry!!"

"I also discovered that my villain character villains me."

"I thought that being a hero was good – but it is very exhausting. I get lost in playing this role and get resentful when I am not appreciated."

"Looking back on my past love relationship I played the SUPER HERO – it was very exhausting for me as I was always trying to prop up the other person."

"This module has given me a lot of insight into the dynamics of the Triangle Dance with my partner. We can go so easily and quickly to our preferred corners when the going gets a little rough."



 Module Four (Complete Program only) – Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

What can you learn about yourself by looking at what inspires you in other people? What about the things in others that make you squirm? What if all your relationships contain mirrors for you to look in? Will you? What will you see?


Participant Insights:

"As much as I can I continue to hide them from others. I know these attributes exist in me, that they are real and alive."

"I am often dependent on other people telling me these attributes are true rather than seeing it for myself."

"Oh wow.. this was a good one! I recognize some of the admirable attributes in myself but fear owning them."

"That is a very astute observation about the unclaimed complainer in myself. Thank you for helping me see that."

"I am noticing how we are all such reflections and mirrors of each other in every moment and how connected we really are be it with love or with fear."



 Module Five (Complete Program Only) – What Did You Do With Your Needs?

Were your needs invalid, not worthy, not important, too ambitious? Do you know what you need? Do you know how to get your needs met? Do you know how to ask for help? Are you willing to celebrate success?

Participant Insights:

"In general, I look at fulfilling the needs of others rather than my own."

"Often I know what my needs are. And generally speaking I am good at asking … but it seems that I don’t believe anyone will come and help/assist."

"This was a very interesting exercise! I had not realized that I had chosen partners that were quite opposite to me in terms of needs. The further to one side I was, the further to the other side they were." 

"At this time in my life, my need for love and connection is the most out of balance one."



 Module Six (Complete Program Only) – The Wonderful Webs We Weave

What kinds of relationships have you been attracting? How are you requiring these people to show up in your life? Are they here to teach you something or are they somehow familiar and comfortable?

Participant Insights:

"I can feel how much love and transformational value you put in this product. I feel great recommending it to others."

"This is powerful stuff. Very insightful and fun to do."


Use Coupon Code HOTHAPPY to get the Starter Pack absolutely FREE or to get $99 of the cost of the complete pack!


Who Will Benefit From This Program?

You’ll benefit from this program if you’re the type of person that resonates with some or all of the following:

  • You're deeply curious about yourself and others around you.
  • You and your partner butt heads on the same issues over and over again.
  • You get angry or fearful or sad about things that don’t seem such a big deal to other people.
  • You find yourself in relationship with different people but with the same issues.
  • You have an inner drive to feel enlivened by what you do and who you’re with.
  • Your intimate relationship is okay and feels a little flat compared to when you first met.
  • You have a deep desire, and openness, to discovering who you really are, why you’re here and how you want to bring your highest self to the world around you.

These journeys are based on our own journeys, what’s worked for us and others like us. It’s like having a player-coach on your team.

The purpose of the Avid Awareness program is to provide you with an opportunity to delve into your relationship with yourself through the consideration of the information-rich interactions that have characterized your relationships to date.


How Will I Benefit From This Program?

The people we work with have told us that their four biggest benefits have been:

  • Increased awareness of the source of their habitual patterns and tendencies within their relationships.
  • Tools to evolve their relationships in exciting and meaningful ways.
  • An appreciation for the transformational value of their relationships.
  • Deep sense of collaboration and co-creation within their intimate relationship as they explore new ways of relating, creating, solving and evolving.


There’s nothing more exhilarating than discovering what you’re passionately here to do and bring to this world AND being able to do it. That’s what we're aiming to unleash.

Join with us as we explore tried and true techniques to understanding and taking responsibility and the incredibly positive consequences that result from taking Avid Awareness.


Use Coupon Code HOTHAPPY to get the Starter Pack absolutely FREE or to get $99 of the cost of the complete pack!


How Does the Program Work?

This 6 module course is easily completed over an 8 week period and you are free to progress entirely at your own pace. Each module will delve into a new area of inquiry and you will have the following available to you for the length of the program:

  • Video teaching sessions which are ALL available as soon as you sign up.  They will guide you through teachings and exercises design to bring the concepts and experiences to life!
  • Engage with the videos in your time frame (no more having to show up of Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern!). Teachings are broken into short video segments – no need to find a free hour, just a free 10 minutes!
  • Each module will include working papers and contemplations to guide your inquiry.
  • Then join a group discussion on a private web board or as we call it a discussion site
  • You can also engage via that same discussion site with Bob or Jane and receive personal on-line feedback, reflection and guidance as you work your way through the program modules (available for 90 days (45 for the Starter Pack) from your start date)

On-Line, On-Demand and Personal – this is how the Internet was intended to be used.

I appreciate the synergy of you together and how thoughtful the whole program layout is. I feel excited to explore ... relaxed and awake ... Great energy for learning!"
Y.J. Program Participant